Penticton Council Meeting Highlights

Mayor Honours Spelling Bee Participant

Mayor Dan Ashton presented Holy Cross student Chi Yan Lee with a certificate for her participation in the Postmedia Can-Spell National Spelling Bee. Chi Yan, 13, made it to the finals held in Toronto after winning the Okanagan Can-Spell Regional Spelling Bee. The Mayor congratulated Chi Yan for doing so well in such a high-pressure situation and gave her a signed book in addition to the certificate.

B.C. Ambassador Candidate Presents to Council

Former Miss Penticton Camelia Vokey gave a presentation to Council on her candidacy for the B.C. Ambassador program. The scholarship program is designed to nurture provincial leaders of the future and forge links of friendship and understanding thoughout B.C. communities. Vokey outlined the various activities she will be involved with as part of her candidacy, as well as her need to actively fundraise in the community for the scholarship program. Candidates are judged on several elements, including their knowledge of British Columbia, current events, personal interviews, public speaking, presentation skills and talent performance. Should she win the scholarship, Camelia explained the funds would support her human kinetics studies at Okanagan College Penticton campus.

Transit Study Presented

BC Transit Senior Regional Transit Manager Steve Harvard and Senior Transit Planner John Hicks presented the Penticton Transit Study to Council. Mr. Hicks outlined the high demand for HandyDart, which has grown over the years. There were three options presented to Council: the status quo with minor changes; maintain the convention core with resources shift to custom service; and expansion scenario with an additional route placed on the core route along Main Street to improve service every 20 minutes. Any changes approved would go into effect in 2013 at the earliest. Mr. Hicks explained that these were draft options, and that input, ideas and feedback from transit users and the community could change the options in the future.

Variance Approved for Gas Bar Canopy

Penticton Council approved a development variance permit application for 975 Westminster Ave. West that is seeking a a reducing in the minimum required front yard from 4.5 metres to 1.5 m. The change was intended to accommodate a gas bar canopy. According to the staff report, road works are planned in the near future for the area, and requiring the property owner to dedicate a small corner cut will save the City money and time in having to purchase or expropriate land at that time. The property owners have agreed to the transfer, and a representative told Council the aim is to rejuvenate the site.

Remedial Action Order Stands

Penticton Council received a request from the property owner at 287 Bassett St. who was seeking an extension on remedial action orders. In a letter, the owner indicated he had received the City's notice with respect to cleaning up the property, but noted he has had discussions with City officials about his intention to build a duplex on site. He was seeking an extension until May 30 to start demolition and construction. Council passed a resolution on April 2 requriing the removal of the structures located at the property and Council did not grant the extension; therefore, the order remains in effect.

Downtown BIA Renewed

Penticton Council unanimously endorsed the certificate of sufficiency to establish a business improvement area on behalf of the Downtown Penticton Association, and adopted the accompanying bylaw. The fee proposed for the specified areas for a five-year term is only levied on Class 5 and 6 properties (land and improvements) as follows: $0.987 per $1,000 of assessed value on Class 5 and 6 taxable land and improvements within th specified area on the basis of general purpose assessments subject to a maximum levy per roll of $2,800 and a minimum levy per roll of $200.

Zoning Amendment Approved for Eckhardt Property

Penticton Council approved waiving the requirement for a road reserve covenant for 125 Eckhardt Ave. East and the public hearing requirement for the change in condition as the change in condition would not affect the use of the property. On Feb. 6, Council gave third reading to a zoning amendment to allow for co-work office space to be set up at the subject property. Staff initially recommended that the covenant be placed over a portion of the property to allow for future road widening. Since third reading, the owners obtained legal counsel that advised against entering into the covenant.

Market Licence Structure Approved

Penticton Council approved three readings of the business licence bylaw in order to define a Farmer's Market within the bylaw. Council also gave first three readings to a fees and charges amendment bylaw for the purposes of including a business licence fee for the Downtown Farmer's Market and the Downtown Community Market.

Wine Bill Gets Municipal Support

Penticton Council unanimously gave its support Bill C-311, the private member's bill from Okanagan-Coquihalla MP Dan Albas to allow the inter-provincial importation of liquor for non-commercial purposes.

The PDF version [116 KB] of the Penticton Council Meeting Highlights is also available online to download. Penticton Council agendas and minutes are always available online for public viewing.