Charrette produces creative design concepts for Downtown Penticton

The Vibrant Penticton design charrette produced several creative design concepts, providing City of Penticton staff and Downtown Revitalization Select Committee members direction on the vision for Downtown Penticton.

"We are so pleased with the outcomes from the Downtown Penticton design charrette," said Barb Haynes, the Committee Co-Chair and Downtown Penticton Association Executive Director. "Stakeholders were very engaged in the process, and that interest helped guide the charrette design team's work. This process gave us the beginnings of a very creative and feasible downtown plan."

The Vibrant Penticton downtown charrette was held last week with designers, facilitators and City staff working alongside a group of 40 to 50 stakeholder participants. Those members of the community were involved in idea generation and discussion while the charrette team created rough sketches to graphically illustrate the design vision for Downtown Penticton. After initial discussion, the team identified four key layers that should be considered in the plan framework: mobility, green, use and form, and character.

Those layers informed a Downtown Districts plan, which outlined seven areas of Downtown Penticton that each have a unique feel: Civic, Downtown, Uptown, North Park, South Park, Cultural and Entertainment. For each district, a vision, set of policies and list of projects were identified, and those were listed as short, medium and long-term based on stakeholder priorities.

The feasibility workshop was also conducted to provide a range of costing approaches – giving participants real-time data to inform decisions. The exercise was successful and showed several projects could move forward through public-private partnerships and grants.

"Receiving stakeholder input throughout the week was really valuable to the process. It helped the design team understand when concepts needed more work or were on the right track," said Anthony Haddad, Director of Development Services. "We will be taking these design concepts for additional public comment, and that will help staff further refine the ideas."

For additional information, visit the Vibrant Penticton Downtown Revitalization webpage.