City launches Citizen Survey

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The City of Penticton launches its Citizen Survey today to gauge resident satisfaction as part of its commitment to improving customer service.

"We want to provide excellent customer service to the citizens of Penticton. In order to make improvements, we must first understand where we stand," said Mayor Dan Ashton.

"The Citizen Survey will develop a benchmark on how satisfied our residents are with City services, and what areas we should focus on."

A phone survey will be conducted over the course of the next two weeks to randomly poll a sample of City of Penticton residents.

The survey categories cover areas such as citizens' perceptions on quality of life, satisfaction with various city services, preferred communications channels and what they would advise the City do when facing budget demands.

Residents who are not contacted by phone are invited to take part in the process by completing the online version of the survey, which is open for feedback Sept. 28, 2012.

Citizen Survey findings will be presented to Council this fall.