Geotechnical Investigations at Skaha and Okanagan Lake Waterfronts

The City of Penticton is moving forward with geotechnical and environmental investigations to establish ground conditions in the vicinity of the Okanagan Lake Marina, Yacht and Tennis Club and adjacent Esplanade lands and Skaha Lake Marina.

The City has hired Levelton and Associates to undertake these investigations and the work will include some drilling and survey in these areas.

You may observe workers on site commencing Wednesday May 9th until Wednesday May 16th, 2012. They will be confining their investigations to City owned land only and any noise will be minimised as far as possible - the work is expected to continue through the weekend to expedite completion.

The objective of the investigations is to collect information that will assist in determining any constraints to development in these areas but the locations of the investigation(drilling) do not necessarily indicate that development will take place at those particular drilling locations.

For further information please contact City staff at: