Penticton by Night gauges thoughts on Downtown nightlife

The City of Penticton and the Downtown Revitalization Select Committee are inviting the community to take part in Penticton by Night, an event on Saturday, June 9 to consider the nightlife in the Downtown area, as part of the Vibrant Penticton learning process.

"Penticton by Night is an opportunity to engage a segment of the population that is not easily gauged with standard public consultation. This event targets youth, particularly those who go Downtown in the evening, and focuses on nightlife in Penticton," said Barb Haynes, the Executive Director of the Downtown Penticton Association who also chairs the City's Downtown Revitalization Select Committee.

"We encourage everyone to join us at the Elite to continue the conversation about creating a vibrant nightlife in the Downtown."

The evening will run from 7 p.m. until late and will be held at the Elite Restaurant, 340 Main St. There will be live music and a vinyl DJ to entertain participants, and prizes and taxi vouchers will be available for those who attend. Participants will be asked to complete a survey detailing their thoughts on nightlife in Downtown Penticton, and in exchange for their participation, they will receive a free order of poutine.

Downtown revitalization is among Council's strategic priorities, in addition to waterfront revitalization. These projects fall under the Vibrant Penticton banner that has the vision of "Penticton – a vibrant, innovative, adventurous waterfront City focused on sustainability, community and economic opportunity."'

The Committee embarked on the visioning stage of the public engagement process for downtown revitalization with open house sessions featuring interactive displays and surveys. Now into the learning stage, events with targeted groups are being held to focus the feedback and input provided. The Alternative Transportation Scavenger Hunt was held on Friday, gleaning information from participants who use alternative modes of transportation or assistance in mobility to give their thoughts on the Downtown.

"Focused input is vital as we navigate through the learning phase," said Anthony Haddad, the Director of Development Services. "The more people who come out and provide their thoughts on Penticton nightlife, the better the resulting Downtown plan will be."

Residents and stakeholders are welcome to give their input and feedback at any time by emailing Regular updates on the Downtown Revitalization Select Committee's progress will also be available at