Penticton residents report excellent quality of life

The majority of residents rate the quality of life in the City of Penticton as excellent, according to 2012 Citizen Survey findings presented to Council today.

The City of Penticton initiated the survey to establish a baseline of citizen satisfaction with City service levels and provision. Accurate and relevant data and meaningful analysis will help departments chart a course for the future, with comparative, year-over-year data helping staff measure success over time.

Discovery Research conducted the telephone survey in September with a random sample of 401 Penticton residents in September. The 2012 Citizen Survey features several findings, including:

  • Sixty-four percent of residents rate the overall quality of life in Penticton as excellent. Fifty-seven percent of Penticton residents feel the quality of life in Penticton has not changed in the past three years.
  • Thirty-four percent of residents feel their favourite thing about living in Penticton is the climate and weather.
  • Most important issue facing Penticton was found to be the “lack of jobs, poor economy.” Forty-one percent of residents felt the single most important issue facing the City of Penticton was the lack of jobs and poor economy. This was followed by affordable housing at 8%.
  • The service provided by City staff received excellent satisfaction rating, with 81% of respondents rating the friendliness and professionalism of staff as excellent.
  • The City is providing excellent service in the important areas of police services, fire services, water, sewer, parks and beaches and tourism. The City has room for improvement in the important areas of economic development and snow and ice removal.

Given Penticton's population size, a sample 401 residents generates findings accurate within ±4.9%, at the 95% confidence interval (19 times out of 20).

To download the 2012 Penticton Citizen Survey, click here [PDF - 1.4 MB].