Tap by Tap provides Penticton residents with free water kits

With the launch of Tap by Tap Penticton, Penticton residents can now pick up their free water and energy saving kits, 300 of which are available on a first-come first-served basis at Penticton Farmers' Market on May 5.

Tap by Tap provides free, easy-to-install faucet fixtures to help residents across British Columbia save water, energy and money. Low-flow fixtures are distributed through local municipal channels, multi-unit residential property managers and utility companies. Tap by Tap Okanagan-Similkameen is sponsored by FortisBC. Participating communities include Kelowna, Keremeos, Oliver, Osoyoos, Penticton, Princeton and Summerland.

"We are excited to take advantage of this water saving program," says Carolyn Stewart, Penticton's Environmental Coordinator, whose department will distribute the kits for Penticton. "Here in the Okanagan we focus a lot on outdoor water conservation practices, but Tap by Tap reminds us of easy steps we can take on minimizing water use indoors as well."

Each energy and water savings kit includes one water-saving showerhead, aerators for kitchen and bathroom taps as well as a FortisBC waterproof shower timer to encourage people to take shorter showers. For larger homes, some doubles are also available.

"Tap by Tap makes it very easy for customers to save hot water, which in turn, saves both water and energy," says Doug Stout, vice president of energy solutions and external relations for FortisBC. "It has such a direct benefit for customers who are trying to reduce their energy use that it's an ideal program for FortisBC to support. We encourage customers to take advantage of it."

One third of all energy use in a typical home goes to heating water. Only space heating uses more energy in a home. Low-flow fixtures can reduce water consumption by 20% to 50% which, for energy bills averaging $50 a month, translates into a savings between $40 to $100 a year.

Annual energy savings from installing a single low-flow fixture is approximately 2,188 kilowatt hours (8 gigajoules) – enough to run a 100 watt laptop for 2.5 years – and the amount of water saved is approximately 38,880 litres, or more than 100 litres per day.

"Through Tap by Tap, residents can save the cost of new fixtures, save water and energy, save money on future energy bills, and protect an important natural resource," says Chris Birchall, Tap by Tap Program Coordinator. "It just makes sense, so we imagine the kits will disappear quickly."

This news release is also available for download [PDF - 96 KB].