Waterfront and Bike Plan consultation Saturday

The City of Penticton is holding another public consultation for the Vibrant Penticton West Okanagan Lake revitalization project during the Peach City Beach Cruise this Saturday.

“Holding consultation during one of Penticton's premier waterfront events is the perfect opportunity to garner feedback from residents and visitors,” said Mitch Moroziuk, Director of Operations. “We have developed several options for Lakeshore Drive redesign, and the City wants to hear what people think.”

Options were developed for seven different sections of Lakeshore Drive: S.S. Sicamous, west of Power Street, Power Street intersection, east of Power Street, the Pines, the retaining wall and the Peach. The various options were reviewed by Waterfront Select Revitalization Committee members, and show different configurations of walkways, sidewalks, parking and traffic flow, and these will be presented to people in binders from which they can choose their favourites or offer feedback, comments and suggestions.

Consultation will be open during the Peach City Beach Cruise on Saturday, June 23, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Peach on the beach. Staff and Committee members will be on hand to explain why the various options were presented, as each identified area of Lakeshore Drive has different elements to be considered.

This is a condensed round of consultation, as staff will be working towards merging the various options together into one waterfront revitalization plan through the summer and presenting the draft plan in August. The public will be invited to give feedback on the draft plan as well.

The binder information is available for review on the City's project website. People looking to give feedback are also able to email waterfront@penticton.ca.

At the same time, the public will also have an opportunity to comment on the City's proposed Bike Plan. A draft is available online for review.