Waterfront update

Construction along the West Okanagan Lake waterfront walkway is almost complete.

The final concrete placement near the SS Sicamous occurred during the holidays and required at least a week to cure under insulated covers. While the concrete is set, the cold weather has caused ice to form on the new walkway and is preventing clean-up operations and could pose a safety risk to users, so the area will be reopened for use once weather conditions change that will allow for the ice to melt – anticipated next week.

Meanwhile all the trees have been planted, all streetlights have been installed and are operational, and most street furniture, signage and picnic tables have been installed. Most of the angle parking is fully open to the public from The Peach to the SS Sicamous While the walkway and parking will be available to the public next week there will still be some landscape and road paving work to finish off in the Spring. This will be completed as soon as possible so that the whole project can be fully opened for public use well before the Summer.

We thank the public and waterfront neighbours for their patience during the construction process, and look forward to completely opening the area once good weather arrives.