Penticton Council Highlights

The following is a snapshot of what transpired during the Oct. 21, 2013 meeting of Penticton Council.

Friends of Esplanade proposal

Mike Arnett and Hannah Pierce presented Council with documents supporting their proposal for the dedication of the Esplanade Trail Network as a permanent park. The proposed Esplanade Trail Network is located between Vancouver Hill, Marina Way and the KVR Rail North. The Friends of Esplanade's vision is to conserve the local history of the Esplanade, provide park amenities, upgrade trails as interpretive for education, to attract tourism and protect the unique biodiversity of the area for all to enjoy. Penticton Council referred the proposal to staff.

Tax exemptions reconsidered

Representatives from the Salvation Army, South Okanagan Brain Injury Society and the Seniors' Drop-In Centre presented Council with an overview of their program offerings, service to the community as well as the impact of permissive tax exemptions on operations. Council moved to include four properties owned by the Salvation Army, South Okanagan Brain Injury Society and Seniors' Drop-In Centre to be included in Schedule B, meaning their permissive tax exemptions would remain in effect for 2014. The motion was unanimously passed by Council.

Commercial business rezoning

Penticton Council adopted a zoning amendment for 380 and 360 Westminster Ave. West that would allow for the renovation of an existing commercial business including the addition of a residential unit on the ground floor.

Cherry Lane Mall liquor store

Penticton Council adopted a bylaw to amend the land use contract bylaw and approved the development permit for 2111 Main St. to allow construction of a liquor store situated next to the existing gas bar.

Bylaw amendments

Penticton Council adopted the amendments to the Irrigation, Sewer and Water Amendment Bylaw to include the Sendero Canyon subdivision to the treated water and sanitary sewer areas.

Property remediation

Penticton Council declared the property located at 2379 Wiltse Dr. a hazard in accordance with Section 73 of the Community Charter, and required remedial action to structurally assess and complete any necessary structural repairs or replacement to the wall and repair any damage to the adjacent properties during the course of remedial works.

Council authorized staff to take all appropriate actions in accordance with the Community Charter to ensure the property is brought into compliance with the remedial action.

Special occasion liquor licence endorsed

Penticton Council approved a beer-wine garden licence application for the Warren Miller film viewing hosted by the Apex Ski Club at the Cleland Theatre on Nov. 20, 2013 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Winnipeg suites considered

Penticton Council approved a development variance permit for 797 Winnipeg St. that would waive the parking requirements under zoning. The applicant was seeking to convert space into two new suites in an existing 24-unit building without providing more parking as existing parking is under-utilized.

Bassett Street duplex

Penticton council passed first reading of bylaw amendments to rezone 268 Bassett St. from low-density residential (RM2) to duplex housing lane (RD2) to allow for construction of a duplex. The application will go to public hearing Nov. 4.

Bylaw housekeeping

Penticton Council passed first reading of housekeeping amendments to reword the flood control requirements section and minor definitions to ensure the bylaw is efficient, accurate and simple to interpret. The amendment will go to public hearing Nov. 4.

Good Neighbour Bylaw updates

Penticton Council approved three readings to amend the Good Neighbour Bylaw that addresses nuisances like pigeons, as well as three readings of a bylaw notice enforcement amendment to add a related fine of $100.

Boulevard and sidewalk maintenance

Penticton Council approved three readings of an amendment to the Good Neighbour Bylaw to address boulevard maintenance requirements. Property owners will be responsible for boulevards by seeking owners and residents whose property directly fronts the boulevard or sidewalk in question.

2013 Citizen Survey

The 2013 Penticton Citizen Survey was conducted to gauge citizen sentiment and thoughts on service provided by the City of Penticton. A telephone survey was conducted with a random sample of 400 Penticton residents in September 2013, generating findings that are accurate within +4.9%, at the 95% confidence interval (19 times out of 20).

The service provided by City staff received excellent satisfaction rating. Eighty percent of residents felt that City staff was professional and knowledgeable.

The most important issue facing Penticton was reported as the economy. This year 47% of residents felt the single most important issue facing the City of Penticton was lack of jobs and poor economy compared to 41% in 2012. The new Patient Care Tower at the Penticton Regional Hospital was given as the most important issue by 10% of respondents. Sixty-eight percent feel the new Patient Care Tower will strongly improve health care available in Penticton. Fifty nine percent feel the new Patient Care Tower should be built quickly, even if additional costs are incurred.

The full 2013 Citizen Survey report is available on the City of Penticton website for download at

Electricity wholesale service agreement

Penticton Council endorsed the supply of electricity wholesale service agreement with FortisBC for a five-year term with the ability to renew on the same terms and conditions for an additional five years.

Mobile vending for 2014

Penticton Council approved a mobile vending proposal for 2014, which includes provisions for vending during the peak season and off-season, for motorized and non-motorized vendors. The changes were designed to further encourage mobile vending given its current popularity across North America, and ensure certain locations designated for the emerging sector do not encroach on existing “bricks and mortar” food and beverage service providers.

Protective Services Advisory Committee

Penticton Council approved the 2013-2014 terms of reference for the Protective Services Advisory Committee and directed staff to advertise for members for this committee.

Quarterly report presented

Council received an update from staff on the strategic priorities and departmental work plan for the third quarter of 2013. This document forms an integral part of the City's future annual reports. The next quarterly update will be brought forward to Council in January 2014.

Waterfront moorage denied

Penticton Council considered the Waterfront Enhancement Select Committee's recommendations relating to two separate projects along Okanagan Lake. Council supported the committee's recommendation to investigate the installation of a flat car along Marina Way Lookout as part of a heritage exhibit. Council also considered the committee's recommendation against day moorage at the SS Sicamous, and referred the matter back to the committee for clarification and staff for investigation during the budget process.

Council Highlights are written by communications staff at the City of Penticton. A PDF version [PDF - 121 KB] is available for download. If you require an official record of Council meeting resolutions, the Minutes are also available online.