City launches Development Services Online

The process of tracking your building permit or scheduling an inspection just got easier.

The City of Penticton has launched a new Development Services Online portal that invites developers and applicants in and follow the process their permit takes from the initial submission to issuance.

“The City of Penticton is looking at all options to foster economic opportunity, and this new online service makes development in the community easier,” said Mayor Garry Litke. “The City is pleased to offer this online service, which makes the development process more transparent and accessible.”

Basic property information and a record of recent land-use applications and building permits can be accessed through this feature. Owners, designers and contractors can track to see what stage their building and or planning permit are at and the next steps in the application approval or inspection process.

This will provide greater customer service with the ability to track applications within the process. Staff aims to reach all target completion dates and this new system will provide constant updates to where the applications are within the process.

“This gateway to the Development Services Division will improve customer service by making information available to the development community 24/7,” said Anthony Haddad, Director of Development Services. “It's just another step that our hard-working division has made to enhance the service we provide to our community.”

To access the site, visit and set up your account. Once registration is complete, the final step is to contact Development Services staff to link active permits to your account.

Those with questions are welcome to contact Development Services staff at 250-490-2501 or email the Building Department.