Parkway School Traffic Calming

The City has been working closely with the parent advisory committee and School District 67 to address the chronic traffic speeding problems that have persisted at Parkway School for many years. Considerable efforts have been made to slow motorists and provide safer conditions for children in this area but these have been only partially successful and the City has resolved to install more formal traffic calming measures.

Options have been developed to address safety, including some narrowing of the road at strategic locations. These road narrowings would be installed at each approach to the school zone and at the crosswalk and provide a very strong indication to approaching motorists that they are entering an area where particular care and attention to speed is required. Further advantages include creating opportunities to place warning signage more prominently and presenting a shorter length of crosswalk for pedestrians to negotiate.

The work could be done in phases. Phase 1 would involve high visibility plastic delineators bolted into the road surface to define the road narrowing and will then monitor how well this works to slow down traffic. If this works, phase 2 could see those delineators replaced with permanent concrete curbing and sidewalk sometime next year.

There will be some impacts to on-street parking for some residents in the area in order to accommodate these works but all driveways will remain fully accessible.

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The City of Penticton welcomes input from neighbours and the school community. To provide feedback, contact 250-490-2500.