Preliminary by-election results

The City of Penticton's preliminary 2013 civic by-election results are as follows:

  • Mayor-elect: Garry Litke 2,779 votes
  • Councillor-elect: Katie Robinson, 1,500 votes

Only two Penticton Council positions were in contention during the by-election. The new mayor and councillors will join sitting Councillors Wes Hopkin, Andrew Jakubeit, Helena Konanz, Judy Sentes and John Vassilaki.

The 2013 by-election had 3,752 ballots cast. There were 25,632 eligible voters in 2011, translating into a turnout of 14.65% in 2013. The voter turnout during the last general civic election in 2011 was 8,589 out of 25,632 possible registered voters participating, for a voter turnout rate of 33.5%. The full preliminary by-election results are available for download [PDF - 93 KB].

“A candidate declared elected is not entitled to make the oath of office until nine days after the close of voting. Tentative arrangements have been made to swear in the Mayor-elect and Councillor-elect on Monday, Sept. 16 in Vancouver. These accommodations have been made to ensure the City of Penticton is fully represented at the Union of B.C. Municipalities annual convention,” said Dana Schmidt, Chief Election Officer.