Swim Registration Survey

The Community Centre wants your feedback to improve its swimming lesson registration process.

Currently there are two registration sessions per year: September-March and April-August. Registration starts before each session and you can register for any lesson in that session.

The Community Centre is considering 4 registration sessions per year (with 4 separate registration dates, one before each session):

  • September-December
  • January-March
  • April-June
  • July-August

This would mean a registration start date of late August for September-December, a December registration start date for January-March and so on. (In either scenario the Community Centre will still publish two recreation guides per year.)

We want to know: are you in favour of keeping the current system of 2 registration sessions per year or switching to 4 registration sessions per year?

Please email your to comment to us with "Swim Survey" in the subject field.

Thank you from the Penticton Community Centre.