Penticton Council Highlights

The following is a snapshot of what transpired during the July 7, 2014 regular meeting of Penticton Council.

Upper Wiltse Area structure plan

Penticton Council gave first reading of bylaw changes to include the Upper Wiltse Area Structure Plan to the Official Community Plan. The Upper Wiltse area has been identified for future growth in the Official Community Plan for a number of years. A comprehensive development plan was prepared in 2005 to measure the 20-year development potential, and that plan identified Upper Wiltse having the potential to build out 800 dwelling units on 76 acres of land. To guide any future development, the Upper Wiltse Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared, containing policies relating to land use, transportation, infrastructure, residential densities, future parks and school provisions.

A public hearing will be held on Aug. 5 for additional input.

Economic investment zone extension

Penticton Council passed the first three readings of a bylaw to extend the Economic Investment Zone Bylaw for six months. The intent of the bylaw is to spur development activity within key sectors of the City. The extension would allow more time under the bylaw's building and occupancy permit deadlines for eligible developments.

Co-op gas station and coffee drive-through

Bylaw amendments were adopted to rezone 2007 Main St. from mixed-use commercial to vehicle service station. A public hearing was held on May 20 to allow the public to have a say on the proposed Otter Co-op gas station and convenience store and associated Tim Horton's coffee shop and drive-through. The property is currently vacant, but was originally rezoned to allow for a plaza-style mixed-use commercial development.

Liquor sales and tastings

Penticton Council passed first reading of zoning changes that would include liquor tastings and sale within the “outdoor market” use. The Government of B.C. recently changes made to the regulations around the service and sales of liquor within the province, including permitting liquor at farmers markets.

This change has generated a significant amount of interest from local suppliers in the wine, craft brewery and distilling industries. Discussion outlines that market wine tastings have just been deregulated by the province, but market organizers must still adhere to Liquor Control and Licensing Branch rules in order to maintain their licence. The zoning change would ensure market organizers have the flexibility to offer wine tastings in the market provided they meet all provincial regulations.

A public hearing on the proposed change will be held July 21.

2014 General Election

Penticton Council passed the first three readings to the elections amendment bylaw. The housekeeping amendments were proposed to encourage voter turnout to include an alternate location for an advance poll and the process for receiving mailed ballots. Nomination documents available on the internet (outside of office hours) will also be permitted by bylaw.

Dana Schmidt was appointed Chief Election Officer and Angie Collison as Deputy Chief Election Officer.

Financial information amended

Council received an amended 2013 Statement of Financial Information report. The report had been presented and received by Council on June 23; however, small errors were detected and, as a result, the report was reviewed thoroughly and four line items were amended.

Budget amendments

Council approved budget amendments that included a $30,000 transfer from the electric utility master plan budget to the electric department's fleet budget, a $5,000 budget increase for improvements to the Library/Museum complex and $25,000 to be transferred to increase the water mains capital budget for the Burnaby Ave water main project. All budget amendments are transfers of existing budgets or are funded by new sources. The net financial impact on budget is zero.

Fees and charges updates

Changes to the Fees and Charges Bylaw were adopted by Council. Earlier this year, staff reviewed and updated the bylaw and the current amendment captures a reduction in rates, a missed fee and addresses park donation program charges.

Social Policy Framework

Penticton Council endorsed the Penticton and District Community Resource Society's request for the Government of B.C. to consult with various stakeholders and initiate the development of a Social Policy Framework to set out key policy directions, values, priorities, roles and expectations.

Council Highlights are written by communications staff at the City of Penticton. A PDF version [PDF - 68 KB] is available for download. If you require an official record of Council meeting resolutions, the Minutes are also available online.