BC Fire Commissioner order for 360 Martin St.

The BC Fire Commissioner has signed an order to evacuate the Three Gables Hotel due to existing building conditions that might seriously endanger life or property in the event of a fire.

A notice has been provided to the property owner outlining that they have 48 hours to evacuate the motel residences at 360 Martin St. After this notice, Penticton Fire Department officials hand-delivered letters and resource information to residents present.

“The order from the BC Fire Commissioner to evacuate the motel residence is directly related to the concern about public safety,” said Penticton Fire Department Chief Wayne Williams. “Our first priority is the security of the residents, and we are working with several agencies to find housing options for them.”

Inspections of the hotel residence over the years have yielded an array of deficiencies, including compromised fire separations, inadequate fire alarm systems and impeded exits. The property owner has been advised to remediate the building deficiencies and make the hotel safe.

With inspection and enforcement efforts unsuccessful, the Fire Commissioner order to undergo necessary repair at the building was previously issued. With no compliance to date, and following significant fire and life safety infractions, the final step was the BC Fire Commissioner signing an evacuation order.

The Penticton Fire Department is working with several agencies to develop alternate housing options for the hotel residents.