Penticton Council Highlights

The following is a snapshot of what transpired during the Jan. 19, 2015 regular meeting of Penticton Council.

Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games update

Bill Bidlake, President of the Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games Board of Directors, provided Council with an update, as the Board of Directors is announced and planning is underway.

Appointed members of the 2016 BC Winter Games Board of Directors are: Doug MacMillan, Vice-President; Doug Gorcak, Director of Accommodation; Carla Relvas, Director of Administration; Kevin Webb, Director of Ceremonies; Paul Johnston, Director of Food Services; Michael Yates, Director of Medical Services; Michael Brydon, Director of Registration & Results; Bob Maier, Director of Security; Bill Murray, Director of Special Events; Bo Boxall Sport Director; Kristi Patton, Director of Promotions; Brian Wilman, Director of Communications; Ret Tinning, Director of Transportation. Recruitment is still underway for director positions for Friends of the Games and Protocol.

The Board, organized into 14 planning areas, brings together committee chairs to lead as many as 2000 volunteers responsible for planning and staging the Games in each community. The organizing committee will also work closely with City Liaison Lori Mullin, First Nations Liaison Dustin Hyde and School Board Liaison Bruce Johnson.

Five-year financial plan

Penticton Council passed the first three readings to Bylaw No. 2015-08 that outlines the City's Five Year Financial Plan. Earlier this month, City of Penticton council approved a 1.3% increase to cover a $326,230 shortfall. This follows on the City of Penticton's trend of keeping tax increases low and under Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures on inflation.

Council also passed a four-year plan to incrementally reduce the business tax multiplier, to make the City of Penticton among the most competitive and cost-effective municipalities to operate a commercial business. The change will be incremental, and make the City the most competitive in the Okanagan Valley and among the top 5 in the province. The tax rate changes in 2015 means a $30.92 increase in annual municipal taxes for the average assessed home of $350,000, or $2.57 per month.

Visa credit card payments

Penticton Council passed the first three readings for an amendment to the Credit Card Processing Fees bylaw. Visa Canada now requires a change in the wording in the bylaw in order for Visa payments to be accepted.

Cedar Road subdivision

Following a public hearing, Penticton Council adopted zoning changes at 2750 Cedar Rd. that could allow for subdivision. The applicant intends to develop between 24 and 26 single family lots, and requires a low-density residential zoning.

Multi-family on Brunswick

Following a public hearing, Penticton council passed second and third reading of zoning changes for 101 Brunswick St. to allow a three storey, four-unit multi-family residential development.

Fees and Charges Bylaw

Council adopted changes to the Fees and Charges Bylaw, which outlines how much the City will charge for given services and products. Changes were made to dog licensing, building permits, postage fee, cemetery, equipment rates, false fire alarms, planning, Penticton Community Centre admission, recreation programming, street vending, theatre rentals, water and sewer rates.

Birch Avenue subdivision

Penticton Council considered an application to develop 739 Birch Avenue. The lot is currently vacant, and the proposal calls for a subdivision of the lot and construction of two duplexes (one per lot). Duplexes are in line with the Official Community Plan's vision for the area, and the proponent has applied for a rezoning to “duplex housing – lane.” A development variance permit was also submitted to allow the proposed 10.5-metre-wide lot, smaller than the 13-metre width required.

The application will go to public hearing Feb. 2.

Water service connections

Penticton Council passed three readings of changes to the Irrigation, Sewer and Water Bylaw, to allow additional flexibility on the number of water service connections, sanitary sewer service connections and storm sewer service connections for each property. Final adoption will be considered Feb. 2.

Wade Avenue office space

Penticton Council passed first reading of zoning changes at 264 Wade Avenue West to allow a single-family home to be converted into an office. The applicant intends to operate an employment centre operated by Interior Health. The program aims to provide pre-employment, transition to employment and paid employment opportunities, as well as training and education for mental health clients in Penticton and the South Okanagan.

The zoning change adds “office” as a site specific use. The application will be considered at the public hearing February 2.

Electrical rate planning

Following discussion on a notice of motion, Council directed staff to base the 2016 budget on the wholesale power purchase level from FortisBC.

Council Highlights are written by communications staff at the City of Penticton. A PDF version [PDF - 71 KB] is available for download. If you require an official record of Council meeting resolutions, the Minutes are also available online