Penticton Council Highlights

The following is a snapshot of what transpired during the April 7, 2015 regular meeting of Penticton Council.

Daycare on Yorkton

Following a public hearing, Council approved zoning changes for 96 Yorkton Ave. The application changes the permissible use to allow daycare operations for up to 20 children. Under provincial legislation, daycare centres for up to eight children can be operated despite local zoning restrictions, but is required to meet minimum play areas and health and safety standards. In the case where a daycare operator has more than eight children, zoning does apply. Council restricted hours to 6 a.m. from 7 p.m.

Fire service to Penticton Indian Band

Council approved a fire service agreement between the City and the Penticton Indian Band. In the past, fire protection services were provided by the City via an agreement through the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen. The Penticton Indian Band is now a self-taxing authority, and undertaking a significant development program. The City offered formalized first responder and fire suppression services, and corresponding fees calculated annually based on assessed properties.

SS Sicamous master plan

Council endorsed the SS Sicamous master plan and had first reading of bylaw changes that would incorporate the SS Sicamous vision into the Official Community Plan. The SS Sicamous master plan was created through months of public engagement and stakeholder consultation, and articulates the vision of the area based on an engaged planning process. An economic investment zone (EIZ) program is also being considered for the area, to encourage private investment that would support activity in the SS Sicamous area. A public hearing will be held on April 20.

No OCP changes for South Beach, Sudbury

Council closed and abandoned Official Community Plan changes to re-designate South Beach Drive and Sudbury Avenue from park and recreation to medium-density residential. In 1993, the area was designated as park in the OCP and Council of the day was advised to purchase the lands as part of a community beautification project. To date, the City has only been able to purchase one property of the acquisition plan, and the neighbourhood has requested returning the OCP land designation to some form of residential. A public hearing was held to receive information from the public on the proposal, and Council decided not to proceed with bylaw changes.

Three Mile Beach

A staff report requested Council provide direction on how to proceed with Three Mile Beach, offering some options that had been discussed previously and solicited other ideas as well. Historically, a segment of the beach was accessed via a piece of privately owned land that is no longer available. Some users are using or traversing the privately held land, and property owners have indicated the clothing optional uses and extreme behaviour is impacting the area. Local beach users gave a presentation to Council about the benefit of clothing optional designations and uses.

Staff investigated options as directed by Council, and a legal opinion on the legal implications of signing/managing Three Mile Beach as a clothing optional beach was conducted. Legal advice concluded that the issue of nude sunbathing is outside the City's authority as it would infringe on the federal government's jurisdiction over criminal law. In light of those legal matters, Council directed staff to continue with the status quo and take no further action.

Cronies liquor licence

Council moved a liquor licence application for Cronies Auto Parts Ltd. forward to the next step in the process. Christine Cronie owns and operates Cronies Auto Parts, which is an auto parts and wine-making accessory retail business. Cronies is seeking a liquor primary licence endorsement with hours of operation from Sunday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., allowing a maximum of 30 people inside and 10 people on an exterior patio. Neighbouring public will be consulted prior to the May 4 meeting.

Beer & wine garden licence

Council endorsed another group of beer/wine garden liquor licences for special events. This round of applicants included Penticton Soccer Club, Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, Graham Tournaments Father's Day Slo-Pitch, Rotary Club of Penticton's Family Rib Festival, Sheila Bishop Memorial Slo-pitch Tournament, and Survivorship Dragon Boat Team Society.

Retaining wall

Council tabled a report on placing a Section 57 notice on title and being injunctive action on two properties in the industrial area struggling with long-standing issues around retaining walls and uncontrolled drainage. Action Steel (2365 Barnes St.) and Penticton Self Storage Ltd (2360 Government St., operating as 101-380 Industrial Ave.) began reporting issues in 2013, and despite several attempts to find a resolution for the two parties, a retaining wall between the two properties failed. The nature of the grade and uses above cause a safety concern for the below property, and surface water has flooded the on-site premise. Under the Section 57, both property owners have 30 days to repair the retaining wall. Both owners were invited to speak to the matter, and Council granted a two-week extension for the property owners to meet again.

Carmi subdivision

Council approved a development variance to allow smaller lot sizes in a forestry grazing zone located at 1901 Carmi Ave. and 1682 Lawrence Ave. Both properties fall under residential designations in the Official Community Plan, and the long-term plan is for some residential development, but this can only be done on one half of both properties due to the nearby Carmi Avenue Landfill.

Baskin Street garage

Council passed a variance that would allow a garage/workshop on 2465 Baskin St. The minimum required setbacks on the side and rear yards were reduced to allow the workshop to be built.

Bench 1775 Winery lounge

Bench 1775 Winery is proposing a winery lounge and special area endorsement to its liquor licence. The winery at 1775 Naramata Rd. is looking to add food and beverage service in the main areas, and special events for weddings, private dinners and special tastings. The liquor licence change would accommodate an interior lounge for 24 people, exterior lounge of 40 people and an additional tasting room and special event area for 33 people. Council asked staff to begin public notification around the application.

Small lot development on Duncan

Council passed first reading of zoning changes that would allow two homes on 1473 Duncan Ave. East. The neighbourhood has seen duplex housing over the years, which is allowed under the Official Community Plan. But review of the site showed that two single-family detached homes would be a better fit for the lot and area. The application would change zoning from low-density residential to small-lot residential.

Gas Tax grant application

Council endorsed the City's application for Gas Tax funds to support Main Street reconstruction and revitalization projects. City staff has been in discussion with the provincial government regarding the Main Street project submission to the New Building Canada Fund, and have been advised that submissions can also be jointly made for Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund to increase the municipality's chances of obtaining grant funding.

Duplex on Dynes

Council passed first reading of zoning changes that would allow a duplex on 1028 Dynes Ave. The neighbourhood is made up of mostly single family homes, with some multi-family and motel uses nearby. The lot is currently vacant, but the property owner is looking to build a side-by-side duplex. A public hearing on the application will be held April 20.

Council Highlights are written by communications staff at the City of Penticton. A PDF version [PDF - 74 KB] is available for download. If you require an official record of Council meeting resolutions, the Minutes are also available online.