Penticton Council Highlights

The following is a snapshot of what transpired during the July 6, 2015 regular meeting of Penticton Council.

Okanagan Similkameen Transit Future Plan

BC Transit representatives Daniel Pizarro and Maria Lockley presented to Council an overview of the Similkameen Transit Future Plan, a document that describes what services, infrastructure and investments will be needed in the next 25 years to introduce a regional transit program. The plan supports community goals, as well as provincial initiatives to expand fast, reliable, green transit and increase transit ridership. The plan was developed with significant community consultation throughout the region. Council received and supported the plan.

Construction parking for hospital expansion

In advance of Penticton Regional Hospital’s Patient Care Tower expansion project construction, parking at 1748 and 1802 Camrose St. was investigated. There are 580 parking spots currently on site, and construction will affect at least 230 spaces. Interior Health is intending to use the Camrose Street site to address the short-term impacts, and applied for a temporary use permit to use the site for either employee or construction parking for up to three years. Council decided to postpone the decision pending research on traffic analysis and further discussion with Interior Health.

Munson Mountain agrology study

The agricultural potential of 630 Munson Mountain Rd. was reviewed Monday night. In January, Council received a presentation from the Penticton BMX Club seeking support for a relocation of the BMX track. In March, Council chose the Munson Mountain site and asked for the application to be submitted to the ALC. The ALC had indicated that the BMX Track would not fall under previous considerations allowed to the City, and Council sought an agrologist report to determine if the land was fit for farming. The report found that 3.25 acres of the 10-acre site are currently arable, and went on to define which areas were more fertile or had more fill on site.

In light of the report, Council instructed staff to submit a new application to the Agricultural Land Commission to allow non-farm use of the site for a BMX Track, Mountain Bike Skills Park and other cycling uses. If the ALC application is successful, a public hearing date would be set for OCP and zoning changes. If the ALC application is not successful, staff would be directed to close and abandon the OCP and zoning bylaw changes and work with user groups to find alternate sites.

Tile replacement at Community Centre pool

Council approved the capital project of pool tile replacement last year. Staff had investigated several maintenance options; however, optimal slip resistance hasn’t been achieved at a reasonable expense. This meant replacement is the most effective and affordable way to ensure public safety. The project costs were finalized through the RFP process, which indicated it would cost $299,053 to replace the tiles using premium labour costs for the shortened window. This investment will be paid for in 3.75 years when compared with ongoing maintenance. Monday night’s Council resolution involved approving the necessary budget transfers to complete the project. Work is scheduled to get underway this month, starting July 27.  

Go Media

Council endorsed a partnership agreement with Tourism Penticton Society in support of hosting responsibilities for Go Media 2015 conference this coming fall. Go Media is the Canadian Tourism Commission’s biggest annual consumer media show hosting industry partners from across the country and 120 media from Canada, the United States and the CTC’s 10 international markets. Attendees will spend Sept. 27 to Oct. 1 in Penticton, with marquee events in town and throughout the region. The Economic Development budget included $125,000 for the conference, transferred to the society under the partnership agreement.

School traffic calming

Council agreed to proceed with Phase 2 of traffic calming measures at Parkway, Wiltse and Carmi schools. In 2013 and 2014, the City installed temporary traffic control measures like speed humps, additional or raised crosswalks, radar speed reader signage and road narrowing at the three schools to investigate their effectiveness in discouraging high speeds and dangerous manoeuvres. Recent speed surveys and follow-up discussions with school staff and PAC representatives have established that these have indeed been effective. As a result, permanent traffic calming measures will be installed at those schools, and additional measures will be considered at Uplands and Queens Park schools, subject to funding.

Cluster housing

Development Services staff has been approached by several developers looking to build multiple duplex and single detached homes on a single property. To help accommodate market demand as well as the need for gentle densification in the City, zoning changes are proposed to include the term “cluster housing” among permitted uses in RM2 – low-density multiple housing. Cluster housing would include a grouping of three or more attached or detached dwelling units on a single parcel with common amenity areas.  Council passed first reading of the zoning bylaw change.

Dauphin Avenue variance

Dauphin Mobile Home Park features 100 mobile home spaces, and the property at unit 4-197 Dauphin Ave. has a home on site that is smaller than the one proposed. Canadian Standards Association’s manufacturer specifications are 8.2 metres wide; however, combined with Penticton’s old Mobile Home Park Bylaw, side yard setbacks would  not allow a new mobile home. Council approved the variance permit to vary the side yard setback to 2.4 metres (from 3 metres) and the maximum site coverage to 47% (from 45%).

Street naming

Council gave second and third reading to a bylaw that would name a new street “Averly Place.” The subdivision at 2370 Cedar Rd. has been under construction for some time, and the applicant submitted an application to name the street within the subdivision to “Avery Place,” in line with the development name of Avery Heights.

 Huth Avenue setback

Penticton council approved a development variance permit for 28 Huth Ave. to build a single-family home. The low-density residential area of the City is just a few metres from Ellis Creek to the south of the property. The property was subdivided in 2010, forming three lots, two of which have had some building. The applicant applied to decrease the minimum front yard setback to three metres (from 4.5 metres) to comply with riparian area setbacks.

Fees and charges

Council approved two changes to the Fees and Charges Bylaw. At the April 20th meeting, Council asked for a non-SD67 school rate pricing model and options in response to the request from Ecole Entre-Lacs for recreation discounts similar to School District 67. Several options were provided for consideration, and Council asked staff to develop school rates for non-SD67 schools including 50% discount for pool admission, 50% for McLaren Arena use and 25% for other City facility rentals like meeting rooms, Cleland Theatre and sports fields. Changes were also made to credit scores required from business owners applying to take part in the electrical service payment plan.

Council Highlights are written by communications staff at the City of Penticton. A PDF version [PDF - 73 KB] is available for download. If you require an official record of Council meeting resolutions, the Minutes are also available online.