Engage Penticton - a dialogue on community involvement

The City of Penticton is embarking on a community dialogue to learn new ways to proactively involve more residents in discussions about municipal issues, projects and priorities – and the first phase of this process is to listen.

“The City of Penticton wants to move beyond consultation toward more meaningful resident involvement and community collaboration in city decisions,” said Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “We hope people will provide input on their expectations and how the City can engage them better.”

The project is called “Engage Penticton,” and the intent is to create a new permanent process that would encourage residents to give their thoughts early on in the decision-making process – reaching beyond the traditional public participation scale into collaboration and empowerment of residents. The process would ultimately establish in-person and online venues for the public to participate.

To begin, various stakeholders will be invited to take part in “kitchen table conversations” in the coming weeks to discuss five key questions:

  • What is the City doing well when it provides updates on day-to-day services? What can it improve?
  • What is the City doing well when the public has an opportunity to give input in significant events, changes and projects? What can it improve?
  • What would make it easier for you to personally get more information about the City?
  • What would make it easier for you to personally contribute to discussions about City issues and priorities?
  • Are there any other suggestions or ideas you think the City should consider?

The public is welcome to take part in 2 ways:

  • Request to join a kitchen table conversation by sending an email.
  • Complete this online survey. Please note: Given this exercise is about building relationships, the survey will require participants to provide their names and contact information, to enable further conversation.