Help the City roll out curbside carts

Curbside collection of garbage and recycling will roll out a little differently in years to come, and now is your chance to help the City of Penticton develop a cart-based system that works for you.

Residents are invited to complete a brief survey on garbage and recycling pickup, to design a better municipal curb side collection service that meets their needs. This information will be invaluable to develop a cart-based collection system, which will roll out in summer of 2016.

“This is a great chance for Penticton residents to shape the municipal service in a way that works for them,” said Penticton Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “We hope as many people complete the survey as possible. Understanding those expectations will help the City develop a successful cart program for residents.”

A random telephone survey of residents will be held Nov. 3 to 18, to get a sense of what customers feel they need in terms of service. Some of the questions include:  

  • Thoughts on a cart-based system
  • How much garbage they put out each week
  • How much recycling they put out every 2 weeks
  • How the season affects the amount of yard waste they put out
  • How they prefer fees to be structured - by use or flat rates
  • Preferred education and information updates

You can complete the survey online by clicking here. Hard copies are available at City Hall for those who don't have computers. The survey will be open until Nov. 20.