Mayor's Minute blog launched

60 seconds is all it takes to learn about your City – thanks to the new “Mayor's Minute” blog feature on the City of Penciton's website.

Citizens are invited to catch up on City Council news and musings with the new online blog, launched this week at

“Council wants to increase communication with residents and businesses, and the blog gives us the chance to give people a snapshot of what's going on at City Hall,” said Penticton Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “I want the Mayor's Minute blog to be a window that helps people see what Council does – the amazing volunteers we meet, the serious issues we tackle and the light-hearted moments we encounter too.”

The first post from the Mayor explains how he was “schooled by eight-year-olds” at Columbia Elementary, who put their leader on the spot with some tough questions.

Councillors will also provide guest posts on given issues they are working on, and the “Mayor's Minute” will also feature pictures and links of events and featured programs in the community. More features will be added as functionality gets built in over time.

The blog can be found under the City News section of the website or citizens can type this URL in to go directly to the page: