Public help needed to identify 'broken plate vandalism'

The public is asked to report “broken plate vandalism,” after incidents in three different locations in Penticton were brought to the City's attention in the last week.

The City has received reports from citizens complaining of unsafe art cropping up in areas of the community. Plates have been broken into shards, and then set on infrastructure with some type of adhesive compound – either glue, putty or grout – into various shapes, designs and arrangements.

The intent appears to be decorative – perhaps imitating mosaic tile decorations – even though they have jagged and sharp edges. Some residents have asked if these were City art installations, and they are not.

“We're hoping the individuals can channel their creative energy into better avenues,” said Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “The reality is this is unsafe. The locations were all in public areas, particularly access points where beach users could be in sandals or barefoot, and not expecting sharp objects.”

If anyone sees additional instances “broken plate vandalism,” they are asked to report it to Bylaw Services at 250-490-2440 so that it can be removed to keep the public safe.