Save water - reduce your use

Every drop counts! Due to the hot weather trend, the City of Penticton is asking residents to conserve water and reduce consumption wherever possible. Stage 1 water restrictions are still in effect, but the long stretch of hot weather in early summer may impact water levels unless you do your part to use less water.

  • Water your lawn a little less – choose one less day or only in the evening after dusk.
  • Water only at night, which reduces evaporation.
  • Don’t mow – let it grow. Leaving grass 2-3 inches tall helps retain moisture.
  • Where do your sprinklers spray? Make sure it’s only on the grass and not on sidewalks or driveways.
  • Check your sprinkler heads so they’re efficiently watering, rather than losing water in one spot.
  • Skip washing the car for a few weeks.
  • Put a timer in the shower, and reduce how long you lather.

For more information, visit the Water Conservation webpage or call 490-2560.