Walkway continuation work begins

Waterfront walkers will be able to enjoy another section of widened walkway this summer, as work gets underway this week around Rotary Park.

The reconstruction of the walkway from The Peach to Kiwanis Pier will start on Monday, March 9, and builds on the success of the 2013 project that officially opened last year.

The project continues walkway work started in 2013 along Lakeshore Drive, constructing a 3-metre (10-foot) wide concrete walkway with energy-efficient lighting, seating and landscaping. A new patterned concrete Peach Plaza area, signage and amenities will also be added. Concepts were developed after public consultation was held in 2014, and designs will improve the accessibility of the walkway for all waterfront users.

"This section of trail is small, but the return on this project will be huge, with an enhanced user experience along Penticton's waterfront,” said Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “Having that wide walkway continuous from The Peach to the Lakeside Resort Hotel will help people with strollers and wheelchairs enjoy the entire path.”

The existing plaza area and walkway around the park will be closed to the public but the Rotary Park itself will remain open. Kiwanis Pier will be open except for a period in May when the adjacent area will be under construction. The Penticton Lakeside Resort will remain open and fully accessible as usual from Lakeshore Drive and from Okanagan Lake Park. Pedestrians looking to access the hotel, Kiwanis Pier or Okanagan Lake Park from Rotary Park in May will be redirected along Lakeshore Drive, due to the narrow corridor adjacent to the lake. The washrooms at the Peach Plaza will remain open, with access from the park (east).

The work is scheduled to be complete in mid-June of this year.

Site fencing and signage will be installed to redirect pedestrians around the active work areas. Construction work sites can be dangerous, so park users are asked to use caution, stay out of closed areas and follow sign directions.

For project plans, visit the Waterfront Enhancement webpage.