Free Cart Change Out Request Deadline December 31

There will be no administration fee for any garbage/waste/recycling cart change-out requests submitted prior to December 31, 2016. In order to ensure delivery of your new carts by end of year, please submit a change request form by December 15. For 2017, requests will be subject to a $30 administrative fee.

  • Upgrade to a larger yard waste cart for an additional $33/year or get a second cart for an additional $66/year.  
  • Upgrade to a larger garbage cart, for an additional $112.20/year.  If you don't want to pay for an extra cart, you may  purchase tag-a-bag decals  for additional waste.
  • Request a larger blue recycling cart, or a second card for no additional charge. You may also request a smaller recycling cart but you cannot opt-out of the recycling program.
  • Request  a smaller cart or opt out of the yard waste cart service.

How to make Changes?

  • Complete the Cart Change-out Request Form below and return it to City Hall or the City Yards office.
  • This fee must be paid at the time of the request.
  • The fee is charged per property visit – there is no limit on the number of changes as long as it is requested at one time – ie request to upsize a garbage and add a second recycle would be one visit - $30 plus tax.
  • Requests must be made in-person at City Hall or City Yards.
  • The requestmust be made by the owner of the resident.

Cart Change-out Request Form [DOCX - 206 KB]