Old garbage can drop off at City Yards

When: October 3rd to 21st, 2016, Monday to Friday, from 7:30am to 3:00pm

Where: City Yards – 616 Okanagan Avenue East. Area will be designated by two large signs and orange barricades, parking at visitor parking.

What: By now, city residents have received the majority of their new garbage, recycle, and yard waste carts. Since we will only be collecting from the new carts, residents may be wondering what to do with their old carts and cans. Try thinking outside the can! There are many options when repurposing cleaned cans, as they can be used for storage of garden tools or sports equipment, or converted to a rain barrel or composter. If your old can is in good condition and you no longer have a use for it, consider donating or selling it to residents of neighbouring communities.

Instead of bringing their old cans to the landfill for disposal, residents are encouraged to bring their old cans to City Yards for free recycling. For three weeks, residents will be able to drop off their clean, garbage free cans at the City Yards for future recycling. They will be crushed and baled locally. If residents are unable to transport their cans to City Yards, the Penticton and District Society for Community Living (PDSCL) will retrieve your old cans for a $10 donation, and bring the cans to City Yards for recycling. You can contact the PDSCL at 250-493-0312 ext. 502 or email garbagecanpickup@pdscl.org  to arrange for pick up.

Why: We do not want to residents to deposit their old cans at the landfill, as their cans are recyclable and will take up valuable landfill space if deposited there.