Passionate committee members needed for Community Foundation

The Community Foundation is building two community committees in Penticton and Summerland. Active CFSO committees are formed in Osoyoos, Oliver, Princeton and the Lower Similkameen (Keremeos, Cawston, Hedley).

The role of a committee member is to help increase the profile of the philanthropic work of the Foundation and support the CFSO community coordinator’s role by being the community link. This is done by disseminating the grants and funding opportunities through to their community contacts; participating in the grant review process; helping fundraise for their community endowment fund and linking potential donors to the CFSO.

We recognize the value of everyone’s time and we do our best to keep meetings to a minimum, preferring to communicate via email where possible. The committee may meet 4 times in a year to around our various annual campaigns and grant cycles.

This summer we are launching the Neighbourhood Small Grants project – this is where neighbourhoods can apply up to $500 to hold an event that brings their neighbours together. The goals are to connect and engage, share skills and knowledge, build to a sense of neighbourhood pride, celebrate diversity and to create a lasting impact.  An event could be a neighbourhood potluck, talent show, working on a project together – building bird houses, bee corridors etc. The projects are funded in September and have until the end of the year to deliver their idea of connecting their neighbours.

The Neighbourhood Small Grant community committee member’s role is to help get the word out on the funding opportunity. In September we’ll gather for grant review and over the course of the fall, committee members may be asked to attend the community gathering and provide feedback to the CFSO coordinator. Each committee member will receive an introduction to their responsibilities once they join.

Linked in community members is the strength of each committee. 

Kim English
Community Coordinator       |