Protect Your Home from Wildfire

“Protect your home from wildfire” is the message that the Penticton Fire Department is sending out to residents in the urban interface areas of Penticton. 

The Penticton Fire Department with the support of Penticton City Council has secured grant funding from the Union of BC Municipalities to encourage self-organized groups of residents to take the lead to improve wildfire safety in their own neighbourhoods.  The grant funding is new this year and the City of Penticton is one of the first communities to deliver this program. 

On May 29th, 2016 the Penticton Fire Department, working with FireSmart Canada and Valhalla Consulting, will be hosting the first “Fire Smart” information session at 12:30 in Sendero Canyon (top of 2047 Lawrence Avenue, in front of the park.) 

Penticton Fire Chief Larry Watkinson invites the community of Sendero Canyon and the wider community who live in  wildfire interface areas to attend this important session, “ The Penticton Fire Department is encouraging residents to improve the fire resiliency and risk, by taking proactive steps to reduce the damage to property should a wildfire strike. “

Penticton Fire Department asks residents to consider the following:

  • Site Preparation – Consider any kind of vegetation - mature trees, shrubs, grass and woodpiles as potential fuels and easily ignitable combustibles.  It is important to manage the space around homes and buildings.
  • Building Construction – Are your exterior walls, doors, windows, eaves and roof, Fire Smart?
  • Fire Smart Protection Plan – Interface fires often start as small accidental ignitions.  Reduce interface fires and be prepared by planning ahead.

For more information, attend the session or read a copy of the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual.