2017 Flushing of Water Mains

The Works Division will commence its annual unidirectional water main flushing program within the Municipal area commencing Oct 2 – Nov. 30, 2017.

 Advantages of adopting a unidirectional water main flushing program will result in significant system improvements and cost savings such as:

  •  increased water velocity, which promotes better pipeline scouring
  • improved mineral and biological deposit removal
  • taste and odour control
  • reduction of turbidity
  • elimination of waterline re-fouling
  • reduced frequency of mainline flushing
  • reduced water usage
  • opportunity for infrastructure preventative maintenance (valve and hydrant exercising)
  • cost savings over traditional flushing.

This may result in the water supply showing sediment and discoloration in various areas.  This sediment is bacterially harmless, however, may cause some discoloration to laundry if not detected.  To avoid any inconvenience check water color prior to using.

If you do experience dirty water, simply run a cold water tap until water clears up.

We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience you experience.

For more information contact the City Yards at (250) 490-2500.


Works Division