2018 Budget Talks coming up

Penticton –  Residents will have more time and more opportunities to talk about the budget this year.  The City is expanding its community engagement efforts in support of the 2018-2022 Financial Plan to include three public events and nearly two weeks of time to review the draft plan before it is shared with Council.

“Last year, we improved the process by increasing the clarity of the financial information for the community,” says Jim Bauer, Chief Financial Officer. “This year, we are continuing the work to improve the process by making the information available earlier, gathering feedback before we share it with Council and further explaining what the financial plan will deliver to the community.”

Communication efforts started on Tuesday with a preview of the proposed budget at the Council meeting.  Peter Weeber, Chief Administrative Officer, introduced Council’s priorities and some of the budget highlights including the City’s plans to improve safety and enforcement, support growth and development, as well the need to increase taxes by approximately 3% to address inflation and asset management. 

“The financial plan will balance planning for future infrastructure requirements while addressing the immediate needs of the community,” says Bauer.

The City has planned multiple opportunities for the community to learn more and speak to staff about the Council priorities, the 2018 budget, the five-year financial plan, the capital priorities as well as the proposed storm water utility. Key dates are as follows:

Nov. 15


The draft Financial Plan will be available for residents to review and comment on.

Nov. 22

4pm to 7pm


Business Night

Members of the business community are invited to drop in to for a special preview of the plan and to attend a presentation at 5:30 pm.

Nov. 23

3pm to 7pm


Community Night

Residents are invited to drop in to view the displays, share their feedback with staff and attend presentations at 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

Nov. 25

10am to 1pm


Community Day – Family Fun with Par-T-Perfect!

Residents are invited to drop in to view the displays and share their feedback with staff. Par-T-Perfect will be on site to entertain the kids with Christmas crafts and activities.

Nov. 28-30

Council Chambers

Council Budget Presentations

The 2018 Budget Primer presentation is now available at shapeyourcitypenticton.ca. Visit the site for more information and to share your feedback.

JoAnne Kleb
Community Engagement Specialist