Arena Information Session added for Council

The Arena Task Force is organizing a special information session for Council on July 12 and the community is encouraged to attend.

“We would like to give Council plenty of time to review the information before they are asked to make a decision on the recommendation later this month,” says Stewart Ladyman, chair of the Arena Task Force.

The meeting will run between 3 pm and 5 pm in Council Chambers and will follow the standard format for Council meetings. Staff and Arena Task Force representatives will present the study findings and then answer questions from Council and the community.  Residents who are unable to attend in person can watch the Live Video Stream and post questions at

Work on the recommendation for the Task Force is starting today at their regular meeting at City Hall at 6 pm. This is the first of two meetings the Task Force is planning to develop a recommendation. The second is planned for July 17 at the same time.  The community is welcome to observe these committee meetings.

“We are very grateful for the work of the Task Force and their efforts to engage the community in the development of a recommendation,” says Mayor Andrew Jakubeit. “I hope everyone will take advantage of the opportunities they are providing.”

The Arena Task Force will be at the Community Market on July 15 and July 22 before sharing their recommendation with Council at a special meeting on July 25.  All of the studies and updates from the Arena Task Force are available at

JoAnne Kleb
Community Engagement Specialist