Council Highlights - May 23

May 23, 2017 – Council Meeting Highlights

Committee System Review

Council received a staff report outlining changes to the current Corporate Committees, and approved the staff recommendation moving forward, which includes for the Community Sustainability Advisory Committee to be parked and reviewed May 2018, for the South Okanagan Event Centre Select Committee to become a Spectra Event Committee, and that the Heritage and Museum Advisory Committee become an ad hoc committee for the Museum Manager and Recreation and Culture Manager, among other changes.

Valley First Public Art Reserve Fund

Based on a recommendation from the Arts, Creative and Cultural Innovations Committee, Council approved the allocation of $18, 000 from the Public Art Reserve Fund to the Valley First Public Sculpture project.

Bike to Work and School Week

The RDOS challenged the City of Penticton to achieve the highest percentage of participation during bike to work week, May 29th through June 2nd. The losing team’s Chair or Mayor will have to wear a lavishly decorated helmet made by the winning team for the duration of one whole day.

Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund Grant Applications

Council endorsed a grant application to the Capital Infrastructure Project Stream of the Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund to either upgrade Memorial Arena or to build a new arena. Once the Penticton Arena Task Force has made their recommendation to Council on how to proceed with arena upgrading or replacement, the grant application will be updated to reflect the recommendation.

Council also endorsed a grant application to the Capacity Building Stream of the Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund to create a Building Facility GIS Database.

Amendment to the Warren Oxbow Servicing Agreement

Council approved the Warren Avenue Oxbow Servicing Agreement with Warren Avenue Development Corporation to provide City electricity, sanitary sewer and water services to the Warren Avenue Oxbow lands.

 Howard Lake Dam Access

Council authorized entering into a license of occupation with the Province of British Columbia for the purposes of constructing an access road to Howard Lake Dam.

Upper Carmi Fire Protection

Council supported adding Upper Carmi area, up to the 11.5km mark from Fire Station 202, into the RDOS Fire Protection Agreement.

Mobile Retail Vending

Council supported an amendment to the one-year pilot program for mobile retail vending that will include: a location for one mobile retail vending truck at a time along the north-west corner of Power Street and Lakeshore Drive, and two locations for mobile retail vending trucks in the Gyro Hub location.

Liquor-Primary Licence Amendment and Structural Change – Mile Zero Wine Bar

Council supported the application to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch for the changes to the liquor primary licence at 200 Ellis Street to an increased occupant load of 100 persons, maintain hours of service to 12:00am Sunday to Saturday, and the structural change application to add an exterior licensed patio with a maximum occupant load of 40 persons, with hours of service from 11:00am to 10:00pm.

Liquor-Primary Licence Change – Portuguese Sporting Club of Penticton

Council supported staff’s recommendation to support the application to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch for changes to the liquor primary licence located at 135 Winnipeg Street to change hours of service to 2:00pm to 1:00am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Land Matters

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