Crews at Memorial Arena to inspect piles

Crews at Memorial Arena to inspect piles

 A crew of engineers and contractors are at Memorial Arena this week to inspect the timber piles that support the building. The inspection is part of the overall structural assessment underway for the Penticton Arena Task Force to assess the repairs required to keep the building operational.

“The lifespan of the piles is an important part of determining the cost to repair the building and the potential to use the building in the long term,” says Bregje Kozak, Manager of Facilities.

The inspection involves excavating around the piles, performing tests and then backfilling. Crews will test all of the piles that can be accessed from the exterior. The piles will only be exposed one at a time and then backfilled before moving on to the next one. The inspection is intended to take two to three days and shouldn’t interfere with operations.

“We will have a structural engineer there to monitor the excavation and ensure the structure does not get undermined,” says Kozak.

Results of the inspection will be part of the Memorial and McLaren Arena Study expected to be released within a few weeks. 

Bregje Kozak
Manager of Facilities