Feb. 28 Council Meeting Highlights

The following is a snapshot of the meeting highlights. Please follow the links at the bottom of this page for the complete agenda and more detailed information.

Association of Medical Marijuana Awareness:
Appeal of Denial for Non-Profit Registration:

  • Council denied the appeal for non-profit registration for the Association of Medical Marijuana Awareness given that the marijuana dispensary business operating at the same address continues to operate without a business licence.

The Whole:
Appeal Suspension/Cancellation of Business Licence:

  • Council reinstated the business licence for “The Whole", a youth centre featuring live music, sports activities and rentals with small retail sales operating in the 600 block of Main St.. The reinstatement allows operations to continue as long as the business is in compliance with City bylaws.

Regional Transit Integration

  • Council supported an integrated regional transit, including a regional riders guide and a consistent fare strategy. 

Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA)

  • Council supported another 5-year term for the Downtown BIA which see funds collected within the area used for the purposes of improvements, beautification, graffiti removal and encouragement of increased business within the downtown.


Video of Council debate (indexed for quick navigation) 

Complete agenda and supporting documentation 

 Next Council meeting March 7. Agenda available Friday, March 3 at: