July 18, 2017 - Council Meeting Highlights

ALR Subdivision Application Supported
Council supported ALR subdivision application for that property located at 295 Upper Bench North subject to covenants being placed on the property prohibiting vehicle access and no increase in the building foot print.

Cannabis dispensaries prohibited
Council resolved to prohibit marijuana dispensaries in the City of Penticton until such time as the Federal and Provincial governments lawfully permit such use. Council denied the extension request for the temporary use permits for the purpose of operating cannabis dispensaries for those businesses located at 101 – 351 Westminster Avenue W. and 409 Martin Street and directed staff to work with legal counsel to permit Okanagan Cannabinoid Therapy and Green Essence to obtain compliance as a ‘wellness centre’ through a consent order under the civil action process.

2017-2021 Five Year Financial Plan
Council gave first, second and third reading to “2017-2021 Five Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 2017-47”.  Proposed budget amendments include the Surplus and Reserve accounts and reallocation amendments to Operations and Capital accounts.

Road closure introduced
Council after providing an opportunity for public comment, gave first, second and third reading to Road Closure (Nanaimo Avenue) Bylaw No. 2017-49, a bylaw that closes a portion of boulevard adjacent to Nanaimo Avenue south of 298 Van Horne Street to facilitate the land swap for land required for the Penticton Creek restoration works.

2018 Elections planning
Council confirmed the 2018 Election budget in the amount of $100,000, for two polling stations and three advance polls. 

Contract disclosure
Councillor Picton provided notice to the Corporate Officer on July 14, 2017 that Sun-Oak Construction Ltd., a company of which he is an owner, had been awarded a contract for work for removal of sandbags and disposal.  Council received the Contract Disclosure staff report advising that the City has entered into a contract with Sun-Oak Construction Ltd. for the Sandbag Removal and Disposal contract for a contract price of $186,998.99 plus $2.15 per bag for removal and disposal from private properties, quantities as yet to be determined. 

Land Matters
Council adopted and approved the following land matters:

708 Revelstoke Avenue & Railway Street
Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2017-20 and DVP PL2017-7845

352/398 Eckhardt Avenue E
Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2017-31 and DVP PL2017-7914

102 Cossar Avenue
Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2017-42 and DVP PL2017-7930

Following the Public Hearing Council adopted and approved the following land matters:

1498 Leir Street
Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2017-38, OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 2017-39 and DVP PL2017-7900

102, 111, 117, 123 Front Street
OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 2017-46, DVP PL2017-7933 and DP PL2017-7934

730 Kamloops Avenue
Council gave second and third reading to Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2017-45

190, 196 Bassett Street
Council gave first reading to Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2017-48 to rezone the property from R2 (Small Lot Residential) to RM2 (Low Density Multiple Housing.  The applicant is proposing to construct a seven-unit townhouse development.  This matter to be forwarded to the August 1, 2017 Public Hearing.

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