March 7 Council Highlights

The following is a snapshot of the March 7 Council meeting. Please follow the links at the bottom of this page for more detailed information.

Free Transit for Provincial Election Day:

  • Council approved free transit for the provincial general election day of May 9.

Five Year Financial Plan:

  • Council gave three readings to the 2017-2021 Financial Plan  including the 2017 City budget. A draft budget had previously been reviewed by Council during three days of public deliberations in late February  with the proposed increase of 5% being reduced to 4.36%. At 2016 rates, this would add approximately $89 to the average homeowner's tax bill. The budget will be back on the agenda March 21 for adoption. 

Main Street Revitalization Tax Bylaw

  • Council gave three readings to the Main Street Local Area Service Parcel Tax Bylaw. This bylaw allows the City to collect funds from property owners in a designated area of downtown area to help offset the costs of revitalization of the 100 and 200 blocks of Main St.. $255,000 of property owner contributions included 25% of sidewalk and streetscape costs will be recovered through a parcel tax over the next 15 years. Property owners were consulted numerous times with 70% being in favour of the tax. 

Potential City Boundary Expansion to include the Wiltse South Block

  • Council directed staff to proceed with various requirements related to  potential boundary expansion to include the Wiltse South Block (300 acres of land currently in Electoral Area D2 - East Skaha Vasseaux) within City boundaries. The City has received a letter of request for inclusion into the city from parties interested in developing the South Block. 

    By receiving the letter, Council is not endorsing the boundary extension at this time, but just moving the 

    application process forward. Council will be presented with many more facts as the process goes along and will be given the opportunity to make a resolution on whether to support the extension at a later date.

Sudbury Beach Lease

  • Council directed staff to make application to renew the provincial lease for Sudbury beach as the current lease expires June 30, 2017. Renewal is required to retain control over the portion of the parking lot and the concessions and foreshore adjacent to Sudbury Beach, all of which fall in the lease area. If the City does not renew the Province could offer the lease to another party such as a private operator or the Penticton Indian Band.

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