Public Notices for the Oct 17/17 Council Meeting

The following applications will be considered by Council at 6 pm, Tuesday, October 17, 2017 in Council Chambers at City Hall:

461 Eckhardt Ave W
Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2017-65
Development Variance Permit PL2017-8037

Public Notice [PDF - 5.2 MB]

641 Winnipeg St
Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 2017-66
Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2017-67
Development Variance Permit PL2017-8041

Public Notice [PDF - 4.8 MB]

681 Winnipeg St
Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 2017-68
Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2017-69
Development Variance Permit PL2017-8045

Public Notice [PDF - 5.6 MB]

1273 Government St
Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2017-70
Development Variance Permit PL2017-8048

Public Notice [PDF - 6.2 MB]

270 Hastings Ave
Development Variance Permit PL2017-8080

Public Notice [PDF - 3.1 MB]

You may appear in person (or by agent) the evening of the Council meeting, or you can submit a petition or written comments by mail or email, no later than 9:30 am, Tuesday, October 17, 2017 to:

Corporate Officer, City of Penticton, 171 Main Street, Penticton, BC V2A 5A9

Email:   Public Hearings 

Please note that all correspondence submitted to the City of Penticton in response to this Notice must include your name and address and will form part of the public record and will be published in a meeting agenda when this matter is before the Council or a Committee of Council.  The City considers the author’s name and address relevant to Council’s consideration of this matter and will disclose this personal information.  The author’s phone number and email address is not relevant and should not be included in the correspondence if the author does not wish this personal information disclosed.