Yard Waste Pick-up Begins in March

Spring is on its way – and it is almost time to get digging in the garden!

For residents receiving curbside garbage collection, Yard Waste Collection begins again the week of March 6-10.   Every two weeks residents can put out yard waste by 7:00 am on your regular garbage day.  March 20-24 is Unlimited Yard Waste and additional kraft paper bags and reusable open containers marked as “yard waste” will be collected.  Bundle branches using string or twine, and ensure the prunings are no more than three feet in length, three inches in diameter and 50 pounds in weight.

During the Unlimited Yard Waste week, please ensure your paper bags or yard waste containers are a minimum of 1m/3ft away from your garbage and yard waste cart.

Plastic bags cannot be accepted.

Unlimited amounts can be collected, providing it meets the requirements.

For more information Curbside Collection Calendars are available at City Hall and City Yards or call 250-490-2500 or www.penticton.ca