City reminds public of steps being taken to conserve gas

In response to the rupture of the Enbridge-owned natural gas transmission pipeline, the City of Penticton joined other BC communities in introducing conservation measures at various community facilities in an effort to offset the risk of a province-wide gas shortage.  One facility of particular focus was the pool at the Penticton Community Centre.  To further familiarize pool users with the specific steps taken to reduce gas consumption, the following information is being provided.


What have the pool temperatures been lowered to?

Main Pool           = ~80’ F              (was ~81’ F)

Leisure Pool       = ~89’ F              (was ~90’ F)

Hot Tub               = ~103’ F            (was ~104’ F)


Has the pool area air temperature been lowered?

No.  The air temperature in the pool and change room areas has not been decreased.  Cold weather, combined with the open concept of the building may, on occasion, lead to inconsistent heat circulation via the building’s HVAC system.


When will the pool temperatures go back up?

Gas reduction measures will remain in place for the duration of the shortage.  The City is in weekly contact with Fortis to evaluate our gas-reduction efforts and monitor the gas supply situation.  The lowered temperatures will continue until Fortis gives us the go ahead to return heating to regular operating temperatures.


Where can I get more information?

You can go to the Fortis website at or contact the City at 250-490-2500.



Kerry Wagner
Recreation Operations Supervisor
City of Penticton