It’s time to get the juices flowing!

(Penticton, BC – August 27, 2018) – All of the display materials and feedback forms that will be featured at the ‘juicy’ topics open house tomorrow night are now available at  Over the past few weeks, the City has been releasing the studies, findings and reports on each of the four topics in preparation for the open house.

“Residents now have the same information that staff and Council are considering as the work moves forward on each of these important topics,” says JoAnne Kleb, engagement strategist. “We wanted to give interested citizens as much time as possible to consider the material so that they can participate more fully in the open house or online.”

Each of the topics is in various stages of development. The following summary has been prepared to inform residents on how they can be involved.

Topic #1 Cannabis Framework – Staff prepared the framework to guide the introduction of retail sales and public use of legalized cannabis in Penticton based on the results of a community wide survey. Residents are invited to review the framework and comment on it as staff begins to prepare the required bylaws or policies for Council to review.

Topic #2 Wastewater Solids Handling – A review of all of the available options for handling the solids has been completed and eight have been shortlisted for further analysis. Residents are invited to review the results, share their thoughts on the shortlist and what should be considered in the next evaluation.

Topic #3 Building Bylaw - Staff have reviewed the changes in provincial legislation and consulted with industry stakeholders to draft the new bylaw.  The bylaw was given first reading on August 21 and is now available for comment before it is considered for 2nd and 3rd reading in October and adoption in November.

Topic #4 SOEC Parking Study – Staff have completed the collection of data on parking use and parking options and gathered input from the community.  Residents can see the results and discuss the options before staff develops the recommendations.

“With the exception of the Wastewater Solids Handling review which is still in the early stages, these topics have been discussed extensively in the community already. This open house is an opportunity to report back on what we have learned and discuss where the work is heading before the recommendations are prepared or reviewed with Council for decision,” says Kleb.

Residents are reminded they need to be registered with to complete the feedback forms. Anyone not able to attend the open house is invited to share their feedback on any and all of the topics through Residents are reminded they need to be registered with to complete the feedback forms.


JoAnne Kleb
Engagement Strategist