What you need to know to Go and Vote, Saturday, October 20

Penticton residents are reminded that Saturday, October 20 is general voting day for the 2018 Municipal Election.  For questions on who, when and where, please review the following information.


For a complete list of declared candidates, refer to the following webpage:


Go vote!

General voting is set to occur between the hours of 8:00am through 8:00pm, Saturday, October 20.

Voting places

Ready to cast your vote?  You have two locations to choose from:

  • Penticton Trade and Convention Centre, 273 Power Street
  • Penticton Seniors’ Drop-In Centre, 2965 S Main Street

Double check you can vote in Penticton

Residents living near the border of Penticton’s election boundaries are being asked to double check if their property falls within City limits.  Not sure where the border is, view the following map for details.


Voter Requirements

You can vote if you are:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • a Canadian Citizen
  • a resident of BC for at least six months immediately preceding the day of registration
  • a resident of Penticton for at least 30 days immediately preceding the day of registration
  • not otherwise disqualified by law from voting
  • a non-resident property owner

What to bring

Bring your ID. If you are not already on the List of Electors, you may register at the time of voting. Please provide two pieces of identification (at least one with a signature and one with an address) to prove both residency and identity.

Please be patient

General voting day is busy.  On arriving at your preferred voting place, be prepared to wait as people ahead of you cast their vote.  Wait times may vary throughout the day.

Please pay attention to where you park

Ensure you park your vehicle in a recognized parking area prior to heading indoors to vote.  Watch for parking attendants who may direct you to an available parking spot.  Leaving your vehicle across a lawn, a sidewalk, a road medium strip or any other unconventional location is strongly discouraged.  Be considerate of your fellow residents who are also arriving to cast their vote.

Need a lift to a voting place?

The City of Penticton and BC Transit are making it easier for voters to get to the polls this election day by offering free transit service on Saturday, October 20.  To learn more, visit –



Watch for election results

An unofficial outcome of the 2018 Penticton Municipal election (along with the School Trustee election outcome) will be posted to the City’s website after the polls close at 8pm on Saturday, October 20.  Reports on the outcome can also be acquired through local media.




Laurie Darcus
Chief Election Officer
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton