Burn injuries are preventable - Burn Awareness Week - October 6-12!


The Penticton Fire Department, BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund and Partners, assist in educating children to be responsible for their own safety and make their families more aware of potentially harmful situations.

Prevention education is the key to eliminating highly preventable fire, burn and trauma injuries.  With both campaigns taking place in the same week, the message for prevention is stronger than ever.

“Most burns are preventable, particularly for children”, says Firefighter Mike Sutherland, Penticton Fire Department, and local Burn Fund Representative. “Keeping hot liquids like coffee and tea out of a child’s reach or testing young children’s bath water before use can lessen the potential to cause common childhood burns.”

Each year an estimated 9,000 children in Canada visit hospital emergency rooms for burns and close to 1,000 are hospitalized as a result of these burns.  Approximately 120 children will die from their injuries each year.

Burn Awareness Week Tips:

  • Matches and lighters are tools for grownups, and not toys to be played with.  Reinforce the concept that like power tools or a knife, the match is a tool with specific uses, such as lighting a stove or a candle, or for starting campfires.
  • Discuss the dangers around the stove.  Instruct children to stay away from adults who are busy preparing food, carrying pots or using utensils.  Adults should always turn pot hands inward (pointing toward the middle of the stove) when cooking.
  • Cooling the burned area will lessen the severity of the injury if the procedure is performed immediately following the burn incident.

For more information on the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund contact www.burnfund.org


Mike Sutherland, Firefighter
Local Burn Fund Representative,