City responds to vandalism directed at two park washrooms


The City of Penticton is requesting the public report vandalism of public property – either in progress or found – to the RCMP or City Bylaw Services.

On December 11, and again on December 12, public park washrooms were seriously damaged in two City parks.  The first incident at the Okanagan Lake Park washroom involved the destruction of internal amenities and power supply lines, while the second incident involved damage created by a lone individual occupying the Lakawanna Park washroom. 

β€œThe behaviour displayed by those responsible was not only unacceptable, their actions threatened the safety of others, as well as themselves,” said Bylaw Supervisor, Tina Siebert.

Both buildings are now closed for an undetermined period while repairs are carried out.



Tina Siebert
Bylaw Supervisor
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton