Council takes City Hall to Penticton Secondary School


Local youth attending Penticton Secondary School are set to get a live lesson in local government on May 7 when Penticton City Council begins deliberating municipal business in the school Library.

The school-based meeting is being held in an effort to engage youth and promote local government awareness.

“Our young residents often have little contact with, or even context around, local government and decisions that take place at City Hall,” said Mayor John Vassilaki.  “A rounded education ought to expose youth to not only the subjects of math, science, language and arts, but also those matters that oversee the democratic procedures governing our community and the process by which community decisions are made by the people we elect.  Council is looking forward to this upcoming meeting and the opportunity to speak directly to our youth!”

“Providing an opportunity for students to witness and participate in democratic processes is an important part of education,” says Vice Principal of Penticton Secondary School, Bo Boxall. “Having the City Council meeting at Pen High is a fantastic opportunity for our students to see firsthand how the locals can help lead important changes throughout our community. As a school, we are excited to welcome City Council to Pen High.”

The May 7th meeting will commence at 1pm, recess at 3pm and reconvene at City Hall at 6pm.  Penticton Secondary School is located at 158 Eckhardt Avenue East.




Angie Collison
Corporate Officer
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton