Email addresses needed for new Recreation Penticton registration system


The Recreation Department wants patrons to ensure they have email addresses on their accounts before the City makes the switch to a new registration system on August 14. Patrons who have an email address will receive a message from the new system with a link to activate their account when it goes live. Those that don’t, will have to contact the Community Centre to have their accounts activated before they can register for any recreation programs.

“There are about 33,000 accounts that we will be migrating into the new system and about 70 per cent of these do not have emails attached,” says Recreation Business Supervisor, Kelsey Johnson. “This could create very high call volumes and foot traffic in the building, especially as people want to activate their accounts in order to register for the Fall/Winter programs on August 22.”

Patrons have until August 11 at noon to update the email addresses in their accounts. At this time, access to the current Reg-E system will be closed to allow for the new system to be implemented. Email addresses can also be added to accounts by emailing or calling (250) 490-2574.

The need to activate accounts is anticipated to be the biggest impact for patrons as the City introduces the new system. Once accounts are activated, patrons will see that all of their current facility passes, program registrations, punch cards and account debits and credits have been transferred. Patrons are reminded that use of the fitness centre and all programs will continue as scheduled during the change and Community Centre scan cards do not need to be replaced.

“We want to thank our patrons in advance for their patience as we make this big change in the way we do business and strongly encourage you to take a couple of minutes now to ensure we have your right email address.” Residents can go to for more information about the change to the new system.



Kelsey Johnson
Recreation Business Supervisor
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton