Emergency Support Services seeking new volunteers


More volunteers are currently being sought to join Penticton’s Emergency Support Services (ESS) team.

Penticton’s ESS relies on volunteers whose aid is invaluable in responding to people in need during an emergency. Through planning, training and mentorship, these dedicated and compassionate volunteers are ready to provide short-term essential needs to residents impacted by floods, fires and other events. ESS volunteers also participate in public awareness, which includes increasing knowledge of grab-and-go bags and self-sufficiency in case of an emergency. 

“Being an ESS volunteer is a fulfilling and rewarding experience for me,” said ESS Director, Alida Erickson.

“ESS Volunteers play an important part in helping the citizens of Penticton in their time of need,” said Deputy Fire Chief, Chris Forster.

To learn more about ESS volunteer opportunities, watch the following information video:


If you are interested in becoming an ESS volunteer, submit your resume and cover letter to apply@penticton.ca




Chris Forster
Deputy Fire Chief
City of Penticton Fire Department

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton