Fire Department warns of bogus fundraising campaign


The Penticton Fire Department is warning the public to be weary of phone calls promoting a fundraising campaign claiming to support the Firefighters Curling Association.   The calls are occurring across BC and Alberta and should be ignored.

“While Penticton firefighters do engage in locally focused fundraising throughout the year, these efforts do not involve gathering donations byway of phone calls,” said Deputy Chief, Chris Forster.  “Our department, along with the associated Penticton Firefighters Charitable Society, never do any kind of telephone solicitation.  We just don’t do that.”

Anyone who receives one of these calls should contact both the RCMP and report the incident to the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre at  Under no circumstances should you provide any personal or credit card information to the caller or anyone else.




Chris Forster
Deputy Fire Chief
Penticton Fire Department

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton