Fire Dept. spreads the word on Home Fire Sprinkler Week, May 19-25


The Penticton Fire Department is spreading the word about a North America-wide campaign initiated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) to raise awareness of the growing dangers of home fires and the life-saving benefits of installing fire sprinklers in new homes.

“The sprinkler controls fire damage and confines it,” says Cpt. Mike Richards, FPO. “That protects lives as well as limiting property damage.”

A few facts about home fire sprinklers

  • Home fire sprinklers give residents more time to escape a fire safely. That prevents injuries and saves lives.
  • Responding firefighters work in far less dangerous conditions when a home fire is controlled by a fire sprinkler.
  • Sprinklers are activated by the high temperature of a fire – typically between 57-73 C’; cooking fumes or signaling smoke alarms cannot activate sprinklers.
  • Home fire sprinklers are designed to flow between 37 and 95 litres of water per minute, 10- to 15-times less water flow than fire department hoses, with far less pressure.
  • In a home with sprinklers, the average property loss per fire is cut by about 70 per cent (compared to fires where sprinklers are not present.)

The Penticton Fire Department would like to remind the community that although sprinklers are the ultimate home fire safety technology available today, prevention, working smoke alarms and a well-planned and practiced home fire drill is a total system of safety from a home fire.

For more information on Home Fire Sprinklers, contact FPO Captain Mike Richards at 250-490-2312 or email



Cpt. Mike Richards
Fire Prevention Officer
Penticton Fire Department