Livable Cities Forum – Update from Councillor Julius Bloomfield

This week Penticton City Councillor, Julius Bloomfield, attended the Livable Cities Forum in Victoria.  The Livable Cities Forum is a boutique event widely known for its high-caliber interactive sessions and diverse speakers on climate change action. For 2019, the event attracted approximately 250 attendees from across Canada, ranging from elected officials, to city staff, engineers, planners and other groups involved in building infrastructure and health systems.

“The Livable Cities Forum was a great tool to be used when considering the future of Penticton. I look forward to future discussions on how we as a community can move forward to a better future.”

Highlights from the forum included:

  • On Monday, October 28, elected officials had a day long workshop focused on planning for healthier and more resilient cities in the face of climate change. Elected officials were described as the first responders when it comes to all issues in a city and the need to plan and build better cities.
  • On Tuesday, October 29, elected officials attended a series of workshops focusing on transportation, food security, and healthy city research.
  • On Wednesday, October 30, Victoria hosted a tour of the city to showcase some of the projects that have been implemented there. The tour was by a fully electric double decker bus, and by bicycle along the new bike defined and curbed lanes running through the city. The owner of the bus company that owns the electric bus told participants that his drivers are great supporters of the bike lanes as they are far safer than painted lanes.